Critical Reflection on Learning in the Course

It has come to the end of the trimester! Just like that, 4 months has passed.

Thinking back to my 3rd blog post (1st blog assignment), I set out a goal for myself on what I would like to achieve by the end of this trimester. Just to recap, here was what I said:

By the end of this COM150, I hope to achieve 2 goals to help me in my conversation with my peers. My first goal would be to speak more confidently. By being confident with my speaking, it will affect me in many ways. By being more confident, I can convey my message to be more convincing,
My second goal is through my response in a conversation, it will allow people to be more engaged and talking to each other will become more enjoyable.

Have I achieved what I set out for myself? I would say a definite yes.

Through these few months, we have learnt many things like interpersonal skills, conflict management, leadership skill as well as presentation skills. On top on that, we had to do a project regarding problem-solving with the skills/theories that we have learnt.

This project that we had, required us to do a presentation at the end of the trimester to state what our project is about. I have always thought that my presentation skills were good, but I realised that no matter how good I thought I was, there will always be improvements to be made. One of the feedback that was given to me states that I was more engaged with the front audience, and leaving out those at the back. At first, I understood it as not having my volume projected loud and clear enough. However, after clarification, it was due to my confidence level. I did not engage with the audience at the back, to make them feel involved, to absorb them into my presentation. I have yet to solve this problem of mine, but I am definitely in the process of improving my weakness, which in turn showed that I have achieved my first goal.

As for my second goal, I think that I achieved it a little, by having slight improvements. I felt that through these few months, I was able to make myself more known in the group, instead of being an invisible member that contributes behind the scenes. I noticed that my ideas and recommendations were being considered or even implemented more frequently. Definitely, this goal cannot be achieved on my own, but with the help of my group members.

Going back to the project, I was able to learn not only about myself but about others too. Taking our mock presentation as an example. When feedback was given to the speaker, be it for my group, or for the other group,  I take it upon myself and think about the feedback. Did I commit the same mistake? If I did, what changes should I do with regards to it? If I did not, the feedback would then act as a reminder to myself that the ‘mistake’ made is a mistake that I should not commit.

My biggest takeaway was definitely on the point of improving my presentation. Having thought that my presentation was good enough, many points were picked out about my confidence to engage with the audience and my eye contact with the audience. Other than about improving myself, I would also need to implement the ‘so what’ (Reynolds, 2016) in my content. To re-emphasise the purpose of my content, and not just including information that has no relation to the topic.

Although COM150 is not the core module that we have with regards to my Degree and many regards this module as a ‘waste of time’, it became apparent that it is a very critical module. Through this, I learnt to empathise with my teammates, understand their point of view, and I also got to improve on myself as a person. Not only did I learn about how to communicate with others, I also learnt to understand myself, and how I should present myself. Overall, I had a very enriching learning experience through the module and the project.


Reynolds, G. (2016). Organization & preparation tips. Retrieved August 06, 2017, from


6 thoughts on “Critical Reflection on Learning in the Course

  1. Hi Sing Yiing,

    I do agree that this module is not ‘a waste of time’. Instead, it is relevant and important to improve on our skills such as presentation and confidence when we are task to speak to an audience(which we did almost every lesson). I am happy that you managed to achieve what you set for at the start of the semester and up till now. I hope that you would continue to use the valuable skills that was taught in class to improve yourself further.



    1. Hi Alfin, thank you for your support throughout, replying to my blog posts. You’re like my secret fan!

      I believe that learning does not stop, Therefore, even when we come to the end of this COM150, we should still carry on to improve ourselves and learn new things!


  2. Thank you, Sing Yiing, for this interesting and insightful reflection. Not only does it address the goals you had set for yourself at the start of the term and how you managed to achieve so much, but it does so in an ‘integrative’ manner, threading together various areas of the goals mentioned, your project work, your interactions with your teammates, and your learning.

    It warms my heart to know that you found your progress in your presentation skills to be one of your greatest takeaways. As part of that, you mention the role of the feedback. I’m glad you took that as a positive. It isn’t always easy to be at the end of a set of evaluations, but you handled that with great dignity and, dare I say, developing confidence!

    I appreciate all the work you did this term and the many contributions you made both to your project team and to the class in general. Best wishes as you continue your learning journey!


    1. Hi, Brad!

      Thank you for having me in your class and engaging us so well during lessons. If it was not for your enthusiasm in teaching, I would most probably doze off from the boring lesson that I had before your class, and I wouldn’t have learnt so much! Thank you!


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