non-verbal communication

Non-Verbal communication, I feel, is communicating without speaking. Types of non-verbal communication that we went through include the following:

  • eye contact – looking at the speaker in the eye. (shows great interest in the speaker)
  • posture – the way you sit/ stand. (by standing with weight on one leg or sitting and shaking your feet, may seem that you are disinterested or impatient)
  • paralinguistic – the way you speak, voice quality. (slurring, may result in the listener to become disinterested)
  • personal grooming – attire. eg: an un-ironed office wear. (negative impression, boss may feel that you are sloppy, and will not produce good results at work)
  • artefacts – things that we buy. eg: a keychain that shows a cartoon character. on a business suitcase. (negative impression, the client may feel that you are not reliable/ immature)

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